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There has always been harmony and beats

Long before cave paintings. Long before most of what we know as civilisation

There has always been people making melody and rhythm

Throughout the 20th Century the beat grew in unimaginable ways. Technology gave birth to dance, ambient and techno, hip hop created a remix culture sampling and re-presenting riffs, breaks and melodies to create new sounds. Throughout human history the beat has always found more exciting, more elaborate ways to express itself.

And with consumer computing power now reaching the levels of supercomputers a decade ago, the beat is about to take a major leap forward.

Cinema was the dominant new artform of the 20th century, growing to epic heights of splendour and metaphor – and from the early silent films with a live orchestra through Fantasia to the music video and the light shows of Pink Floyd and U2- it has sat cheek by jowl alongside music. But the relationship is about to get much closer.

Only now possible because of advances in technology, the next generation of beat revolutionaries will begin to use image and audio together in a seamless form.

The filmmaker becomes performer, playing their creations – alone or ensemble - live to an audience of revellers seeking a more total sensory experience. The musician becomes filmmaker, cutting and filtering video to make rhythms, sounds and songs. The club becomes cinema, the record label sells DVDs.

The potential offered by this fusion of music and film, explored for the last decade by pioneers such as Hexstatic and Addictive TV, fuelled by new exploitation platforms, affordable DV cameras and desktop editing, projectors and DVD decks and a market hungry for the hip-hop style remix culture, is now ready to become a mainstream phenomena. And Britain is already leading the way.

To be associated with building, shaping and defining a cultural movement is the ideal for any young artist, journalist, consumer brand or popular institution. As this new form of expression reaches the mainstream consciousness, there is a unique opportunity to be in at the ground floor.

When commentators looks back in 20 years they will recognise the early pioneers, supporters, technologists, artists, pundits, visualaries and brands who saw the potential of this new cultural fusion.

Welcome to the world of the Vingle, Valbum and Viewsician. This is AV.

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